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About Us

Meet The Family Who Brings the Maple!

WINDY  ACRES sugar bush is a family run by Arthur and Sheila Robertson. located in Muskoka between the villages of Milford Bay and Windmere, midway on Dougherty Road. We are unique in that we utilize a mobile sugarhouse,8 x20 feet, which is removed from the woodlot at end of season.                                                                                     


The sugarbush is leased, we have been working with 2 generation s of landowners for 42 years. About 33000 feet of sap line bring sap in from 40 acres and 1100 taps. The Woodlot is intensively managed for present and future production/expansion via thinning and lime fertilization. Much of our sales/production is value-added, ie candy, MAPLE butter, barbecue sauce, pure MAPLE FRUIT SYRUPS.


My MAPLE career started in the Ottawa valley, on my father's farm when I was old enough to empty a sap bucket. The collection was by horse and sleigh, boiling on a flat pan,(non-food grade)and filtering through a felt hat (previously worn) . My how things have changed for the better !!  Later as a Forest  Technician  (Sanford Fleming  Peterborough), I was Syrup Maker working for Natural Resources (joint venture Muskoka Board of Education )  at Bracebridge Resource Management. Each day a couple of unloads of kids learned about MAPLE.  No sap, no problem, we boil water make steam. Corrections Canada cut the wood. All we did was burn the wood. BEST JOB EVER EVER.  Nights and weekends were spent on my 850 tap operation at Fraserburg nearby.  I was literally working 18 hour days.  After leaving  MNR the Forest Tent Caterpillars defoliated my sugarbush 3 years consecutively.  Because of high tree mortality and low sugar content from weakened trees that operation was abandoned. For many years thereafter MAPLE was just a hobby ie 100 taps, enough for family and friends. After retiring and a brief 5-year stint growing shiitake mushrooms on oak logs, the business has transitioned to MAPLE.  We are at 1100 taps and growing. We love it!! (Most days)           


Come and see us.


Arthor Robertson

Image by Dan Hamill