First Boil of the Season

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Windy acres maple farm had their first boil on March 9 and finished on the 29th with a 90 % crop. The season went at least another 10 days. We quit early because of the perceived loss of our summer markets.                            

We were several times drowned in sap), not a bad thing) After a gruelling 20 days most of them minimum 12 hour days, I was thrilled to give myself a well deserved break. Most production is solo but at times hired help, family and friends made it easier. We love it, do it all over again next year.    PS yes we did work 3 days in a sling, sap doesn't stop just because you are hurting!!


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3336 Highway 141 Utterson... Please call ahead: 705 769 1954, for boiling times and operation. We're open for drive by's, check us out at Windy Acres Maple Farm.